Terms & Conditions

The below mentioned terms and conditions constitute an


No stand may be assigned, sublet or hired to any third



party without the consent of the Organiser. The exhibitor

ACN 625 591 755 ("The Organiser") and the individual or


shall not allow any other person other than the Exhibitor's

organisation agreeing to exhibit ("The Exhibitor") at the CD


staff or personnel, to occupy the premises without prior

International Student Summit 2018 (The Summit). By


consent of the Organiser.

participating in the Summit, the Exhibitor agrees to the


The Exhibitor is only permitted to exhibit its own products

following terms and conditions.


or services at the Summit unless agreed otherwise.

l .

The Summit is to be held on 29th of July 2018 at the


The Exhibitor is responsible for safety and security of its


Melbourne Town Hall (The Venue).


products and stand. The Organisor bears no responsibility


Terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to.


for the Exhibitor's goods/ equipment/stock or your legal


Amendments may be made by the Organiser, in which




case, the Exhibitor will be notified in writing.


"Ihe Exhibitor shall keep the stall clean and tidy during the


Participation of the Exhibitor is subjected to the below


bump in, operation hours and on bumping out. The




Organiser reserves the right to charge an additional fee to


a) Acceptance of the Exhibitor Contract


the Exhibitor for the reasonable charges incurred for


b) Acceptance is confirmed in writing upon the receipt


cleaning or removal of any rubbish or other items left by


of signed booking form and the payment of initial


the Exhibitor.




The Exhibitor is responsible in ensuring that they do not


The Exhibitor must pay the Organiser the amount set out in


bring any items deemed hazardous to the Venue. The


section 4 of the Payment Details of the Booking Form.


Exhibitor authorizes the Organisor to take appropriate


Sponsorship/Site/Advertising will only be allocated on


actions, including but not limited to, removal or


receipt of a signed Booking Form and Booking Terms &


destruction of hazardous material.




The Organiser reserve the right to amend the dates for


If credit card detailed are provided for payment specified


holding of the Summit. Organiser's will not be responsible


in the Booking Contract, the Exhibitor authorizes


for any loss occasioned thereby. The Organiser's also


Organiser to use debit the abovementioned card along with


reserve the right to close The Summit or vary its hours.


any merchant fees reasonably incurred on or after the dates


The Organiser, under its full discretion, have the right to


specified for payment.


determine, amend or alter the location of the Exhibitor's


If the Exhibitor fails to make full payment of the Fee




within seven days of the invoice, the Exhibitor will


To the extent of law, the Organiser or its employees,


automatically forfeit their floor space and Organiser have


agents, contractors and sub-contractors shall not be liable


the right to reserve the stand space to other exhibitors


to the Exhibitor for its loss or damage, including any


along with any monies already paid.


consequential loss arising out of Exhibitor's participation


Following acceptance of the Booking Form and receipt of


of the event.


the deposit, the Organiser will issue with a letter of


The Exhibitor and its personnel shall comply with all rules


confirmation and an allocated area for the Exhibitor to set


and regulations of the venue, State and Commonwealth


up its stand at the Summit. The location will be at the


regulations and other regulatory government body and


Organiser's sole discretion. No custom stands can be


must discharge and indemnify the Organisor its employees,


erected at the hall.


agents, contractors from any loss or liability caused by the


If an Exhibitor decides to cancel, the Exhibitor may do so


breach of:


by notifying, in writing, to the Organiser. In the event of


a) Terms and conditions by the Exhibitor


cancellation, a service fee of 50% of total fees applies for


b) The Exhibitor's use and attendance at the Summit


cancellations prior to 30 June 2018. No refunds will be


c) Any injury or damage sustained due to any act or


made for cancellations after this date and full payment will


omission of the Exhibitor; or


be required.


d) Damage to the exhibits or accessories by loss,


The Orgamser may, at its sole discretion, return part of its




payments by the Exhibitor, if Organiser' s supply of


damage, theft, fire, water, storms, r10ts or other cause whatsoever.


services is prevented, postponed or abandoned by reason of any cause not within the direct control of the Organiser.


The Exhibitor acknowledges that the venue is a World


The Summit must only use the assigned Exhibitor space


Heritage Building and will be liable for any damages


for display, promotion of sale of goods and services


caused to the walls, stalls, floors or fitting of the venue.


relating to the subject matter of the Exhibition.


The Exhibitor must hold public liability insurance of at


The Exhibitor shall only occupy the floor space confirmed


least $10 million. Evidence of certificate of currency is to


as per the Exhibitor confirmation email. The Exhibitor must ensure that its promotion and activities do not interfere with the order, safety and space of the Summit or other exhibitors.


be provided no later than two weeks before the event.